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Take Stock! 

Take stock of what's bothering you, those nagging 'shoulds' and frustrations - and see what you REALLY want to be doing both personally and professionally.

Identify Daily Success Habits.

 Identify and create daily success habits to support you in your goals and your life!

What's Zapping Your Energy? 

Identify what's zapping your energy and holding you back.

Let Go of What's Draining You!

 Identify and Explore what's holding you back and why.

Detox Your Toxic Relationships Exercise! 

Review your relationships and find ways to boost the relationships that support and energize you and reduce the time you spend on those relationships that drain or limit you.

Get It Done!

 Have any tasks hanging around that you need to clear out of the way? We have an exercise to help you find motivation or just take the edge off those unpleasant tasks we all have to do. End procrastination and get it done!

Your 3 Month Vision. 

Now that you've done your spring clean - you need to know what you're working towards! Create your vision for the next 3 months.

Identify Your "Spring Clean" Goals! 

Finally, we'll work to pull everything you've worked on together. You'll set 3 goals and actions to achieve your vision. And we have a wonderful summary sheet to help you focus on your new daily habits and what you need to let go of!

Come and work with me and have a comprehensive clear out and spring clean of your life - Set goals to make the most of 2017!

I'm excited to work with you! Contact me, Gina Rodriguez at 818-570-2306 and/or I'm waiting to hear from YOU!

Do You Need to "Spring Clean" Your Life?

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